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Southampton Transformed

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Time: Saturday 10.00am
Cost: Full Price: £6.00 Entry.

Welcome to Southampton Transformed – a festival of ideas, art, and music working to build power, solidarity and joy in our community…

Join us for a transformative day of politics and culture in an enthusiastic environment of support and solidarity for some of the most important causes facing us all today


Together we will explore important questions such as:

How do we transform the economics of Southampton into a new green deal and beyond?

How can we build solidarity, connection and power in our diverse communities so we can organise to fight injustice and promote freedom and equality?


How can we change the ways we live and think to raise our consciousness and experience true collective joy?

How can we organise and fight back against the rise of Transphobia so we can move towards a fully inclusive and accepting culture of love and respect for all?

How can we solve the homelessness epidemic and housing crisis so everyone has a bone fit for the 21st century?
How can we use the transformative power of football to bring people together so we can cross the cultural and social boundaries that might otherwise seem impassable?


Plus expand your consciousness with our “Acid Corbynism” workshop with Keir Milburn


AND you can join us afterwards for a club night to remember!


Talks include:

A Green New Deal For Southampton


Solidarity now – building solidarity and power in our communities


Homelessness and housing

Acid Corbynism Workshop – consciousness expanding

Organising against Transphobia

Community Organising – building power in our communities.

Transformative Potential of Football

Including John McDonnell, Grace Blakely, Owen Hatherley, Lily Madigan, Tom Gann, Joe Kennedy, Rhian E Jones, Callum Cant, Keir Milburn, Max Shanly, Charlotte Gerada, Stefan Kubiczyn, Jude Wanga, Liz Davies and many more

Included in the price is a ticket to the evening entertainment our club night.


1865’s main stage is on one level is wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately the other rooms are on different floors with no lift. Please contact us at if you have any accessibility questions.

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