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Red Bazar & Viriditas

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Time: Sunday 7.00pm
Cost: £14 advance £18 OTD

Red Bazar formed in 2007 as an instrumental trio featuring Andy Wilson on guitar, Paul Comerie on drums and Mick Wilson on bass and keyboards. The line-up released two albums, ‘Connections’ and ‘Differential Being’, and a three track EP, ‘Beyond The Ice Storm’. The releases were well received by audiences and critics alike and the band developed a reputation for their live performances.

 To expand on the sound, the band recruited keyboard player Gary Marsh and soon after teamed up with singer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Jones. This line up released the first Red Bazar vocal album, ‘Tales From The Bookcase’. The album was voted runner up in the Classic Rock Society album of the year awards 2016 and appeared in a number of top 10 album listings including magazines, radio stations and internet sites. Progressive Aspect reported ‘Red Bazar may just have released one of the Prog albums of the year’

 The band played a large number of gigs throughout 2016 and 2017 and featured on a number of festivals and continued to develop their live performance and show.

 2019 saw the release of the latest album ‘Things As They Appear’ which the band followed up with a series of gigs throughout the first part of the year. The album has retained the bands prog foundations but added a more direct and rockier sound which has broadened the fan base. Both the album and the live shows have received high praise.

 November 2020 saw the release of a live DVD filmed at the album launch of ‘Things As They Appear’ at the Borderij in the Netherlands. The band is currently writing new tracks for the next album which will be released later in 2021.

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Viriditas are a Hampshire based progressive rock band founded by composer Mike Bridge. The band is comprised of professional musicians with an extensive breadth of live performance experience, bringing exciting and dynamic performances of the intricate and challenging music that Viriditas produces.

 Individually the band members come from a variety of musical backgrounds including Jazz, Metal, Electronica and Rock & Blues. Tied together by Mike’s progressive vision for Viriditas, this diversity brings a true fusion of different playing styles to the band’s live performances.

If the music could be accurately described with one word it would be ‘dynamic’. There are moments of grandeur, contemplation, chaos and mystery, but the music is always changing and evolving, taking inspiration from not only classic progressive acts such as Genesis, Renaissance and Rush, but bands across the whole spectrum of contemporary music, Magnum, Loreena McKennit, Steely Dan and Blind Guardian to name a few. The resulting music is a melting pot of ideas, formed into a compelling narrative that will leave you wanting to hear  more.

 Viriditas will be performing at RADAR festival in the summer of 2021, and will be playing a few shows later in the year to coincide with the release of their second album ‘Green Mars’.

Red Bazar & Viriditas


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