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Lee Abraham | Paul Garthwaite | Kinesis 4

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Time: Sunday 7.00pm
Cost: £10.00 in Advance

Lee Abraham

Lee Abraham is a musician, guitarist and producer from southern England. A music fan first, Lee took up guitar and songwriting in his mid teens and played in a number of bands playing both covers and original material throughout his formative years. He can still be seen playing guitar in local pubs with ‘Rock with a sax’ covers band ‘Something Else’


In 1999 Lee took up recording and song production and started to record his song ideas. With his writing featuring both a classic AOR and progressive rock sound, early releases found a small audience online

In 2005 Lee successfully auditioned the position of bass player for UK proggers Galahad. Many UK and overseas tours followed and Lee featured on their 2006 release Empires Never Last. A stunning gig in Katowice in Poland also in 2006 was released as a live DVD, Resonance. The band’s legendary performance at the ROSfestival in Philadelphia in 2007 was released as the live album Sleepless in Phoenixville. 

 In 2009 he parted ways with Galahad to concentrate on songwriting and production releasing many successful CDs with many prog luminaries guesting on the discs with him. Dec Burke, Simon Godfrey, Mark Colton and Martin Orford to name a few.


 In May 2017 Lee was invited to re-join Galahad, this time as lead guitarist. Through late 2017 Lee recorded all the guitars to the Galahad album Seas of Change which was released in January 2018. All through 2018 and into early 2019 Galahad supported the album with live gigs in England, Scotland, Wales, Poland, Norway and the Netherlands. 

2019 his solo projects followed with Comatose, a progressive rock concept and single track album with a running time of 47 minutes. The album follows a storyline developed by Lee and takes the listener on a journey of both despair and hope. The album was critically acclaimed by many fans and media outlets alike.

And finally here we are in 2020 and what a year it has been so far!  If there were any good to come of this pandemic, Lee was determined to write and record a new album and he’s done just that! Written and recorded in just under 9 weeks, Harmony/Synchronicity sees Lee once again releasing an album different to the last. The album contains 7 brand new songs with vocal contributions from Simon Godfrey, Marc Atkinson, Peter Jones together with Galahad bandmates Mark Spencer and Stu Nicholson. Gerald Mulligan once again joins on drums.


Paul Garthwaite

The search never stops

I started playing guitar and drums in my mid teens. I was listening to every style of music I could from Motorhead to Mozart. I started to play Bass in some bands as well as guitar in others. I could not decide which instrument to concentrate on!

It was at this early stage that I realised that I wanted to hear something that had both guitar and bass registers.I was also studying classical guitar at this time and this style forms the basis of my technique. I think I am a musical schizophrenic because the sounds I like to hear sometimes lean towards sounds that are not associated with the guitar.

I studied guitar and bass at Leeds college of music and this was a fantastic environment in which to learn. I was exposed to a lot of new styles of world music, and avant-garde as well as getting deeper into jazz, rock and classical music. I also started to study singing. I was listening to Debussy, Ravel, Liszt and Scriabin etc, alongside Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Duke Ellington and Keith Jarrett as well as studying Indian music.

This experience had a huge influence on my fretless style not so much as in the choice of notes but in the way sitarists really make their instruments sing at every dynamic. I have always been fascinated by solo guitarists such as Segovia and Joe Pass and I had the good fortune to see Issac Guilory when I was 19. This experience changed my life. He had everything great songs ,great voice immaculate arrangements and quite simply one of the finest musicians I have ever had the pleasure to see. I saw him play about 40 times and every time he was stunning.

‘Kinesis – The movement of an organism in no particular direction in response to an external stimulus such as light.’
..and so was born Kinesis 4 through chance meetings of the movement of musicians moving in no particular direction in response to the external stimulus of music – of earth, wind, fire and water, from the north, east, south and west, beyond the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimensions, to groove, jam and rock’n’roll.

Kinesis 4 are musicians who in their time have respectively played in a broad palette of outfits from rock, punk, indie and retro bands to bhangra, latin, electronic and world music. Coming together as a meeting of minds, hearts and souls to bring forth a new sound of ‘Harmonic Rock’ incorporating the many tentacles of rock, prog, blues, harmonies and world music. Cream for the soul.

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