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Time: Saturday 7.00pm
Cost: £25 Advance

Hey is one of the most important Polish rock bands since 1992. Their work – great compositions bear moving and sincere lyrics Catherine Nosowska – quickly endeared itself audience.

The first album sound fresh and riveting “Fire” released in 1993. Is today one of the strongest positions canon of Polish rock albums. Another study publishing it sound fresh and riveting: “Ho!” (1994), “heledore” (EP, 1995), “?” (1995), considered by many fans as the best album in the history of the group. Another is “Karma” (1997) and “Hey” (1999), after the release of the band left its founder and leader Piotr Banach. He was replaced by guitarist Paul Krawczyk (formerly of Ahimsa and Houk), which is perfectly integrated into the team, as evidenced by the album “[sic]” (2001). Album brought several excellent songs, returning the charts and a renaissance of popularity sound fresh and riveting. Organized to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band on tour he summed up the double album “[live]” (2003). In the same year was released new album “music, music,” Hey’s quite experimental compositions saturated with electronics. And although many claimed that the band had strayed too far from its roots, yet attendance at the tour promoting the release confirmed that the audience also appreciated the new ideas of musicians. Another studio album “Echosystem” (2005) is much more guitar and melodic than the previous one, and sometimes even combative. A few months after its premiere released a DVD “Echosystem” containing paradokumentalny film the band’s work on the album. In September 2007, in Warsaw’s Roma Theatre he was a concert Hey recorded an MTV Unplugged. The new arrangements, special guests, and expanded instrumentation have made it known songs sound fresh and riveting gained a completely new face. The concert released on CD and DVD became one of the bestsellers of 2007. Shortly thereafter, the band played another jubilee tour – “92-07″, this time to celebrate the 15th birthday.

The beginning of 2009 was marked by work on a new album, the instrumental part was registered in the town in the western-Sarnow Mount, and the vocals in the studio Fonoplastykon in Wroclaw. The album titled “Love! Warning! Help! Help! “Was released on October 23, 2009. And covered with double-platinum for sales of over 60 thousand. copies.

The next release is the band album “RE-MURPED!” of May 2010. containing remixed versions of songs from the album “Love! Attention! Help! Help!”. Remixes made, among others, Smolik, Rawski, Plastic and Bueno Bros. In the same year the band took part in the project “Smallest Concert of the World”, during which appeared for 20 students in Alvernia Studios near Krakow. In December, a record of this concert was released on DVD.

Also in December Hey he played some exceptional concerts during minitrasy “Re-editions”. Concert special, because inspired reedycjami first albums, which after several years of its launch, re-appeared on the market. The program of the concert consisted mostly of songs from the albums: “Fire,” “Ho!”, “?” And “Karma”. The guest tour was the duo Bueno Bros – the authors of several remixes that were on the “RE-MURPED!”
In 2012. The team collaborated with Martin Zabrockim, composer and multi-instrumentalist known among with the cooperation of groups: Biff, Pogodno and Mordy. Spring and summer of this year, the team spent working on material for a new studio album. The new album titled “The Knights, the Nobility, doo Townspeople” took place in November 2012. The first single from this release is the song title, the next single is “What’s in there?” And “Apparently.”
The composer of most of the songs is Paul Krawczyk, who was supported by: Catherine Nosowska, Marcin Zabrocki, Jacek Chrzanowski. The lyrics are by Catherine Nosowska – except one, who wrote and sang Gaba Kulka. If you listen to the lyrics, it turns out that this is perhaps the most positive album sound fresh and riveting. Catherine Nosowska looks at the world with peace, boldly looks at the life and changes taking place in it.
Year 2014 was marked by cooperation with the theater. Catherine Nosowska and Paul Krawczyk were hired to compose the music for the latest performances Maji Kleczewska. In one of them, “Shadows. Eurydice says: “Catherine performs three new, unreleased songs live.
Also in 2014 HEY HEY he hits the road Unplugged in less than 7 years since the album’s release with a series of MTV Unplugged. For the purpose of this unique tour team has been extended by excellent musicians. Known works Heya received acoustic arrangements, and among the guests appeared on the scene Agata Kulesza. Once again, the tour has achieved great success, all the concerts were held at full halls. An unusual souvenir of this tour is the album “HEY in Szczecin Philharmonic”, which is a recording of the concert band in the Szczecin Philharmonic. Publishing House published in June 2015. On the other hand, the new studio album, was released on April 22 this year .. Its title is “FLASH” and promoting it single “Quickly, quickly,” and “Stories” – both songs reached the 1st place of the legendary LP3. Even before the release of the new album, the band ventured to an unusual experiment, namely the club played a series of concerts entitled “Pre-flash”, during which the audience could read all the material from the forthcoming album. These performances attracted great interest. In the summer Hey appeared at several festivals Woodstock, Muse Dźwiga Gdańsk, Kraków Live Festival, and the concert tour “FLASH” will begin on October 7 in Zabrze, and will end on December 18 in Krakow.
Hey and Catherine are the most nominated artists in the history of Fryderyk awards and won them a total of 23!

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