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David Cross Band + Viriditas

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Time: Sunday 7.00pm
Cost: £17.00 in Advance | £20.00 on the Door

David Cross Band  

Sign of the Crow’ the latest album by the David Cross Band has been described as ‘an unmitigated masterwork’ and has attracted high acclaim from metal and jazz reviewers as well as progressive rock journalists.

“Prog has always been a weird beast, but one which has largely been tamed in recent years. With this album, David Cross has proven what can be achieved when you re-ignite the fire in its belly”. (Mark Ashby in Uber Rock)

The David Cross Band has performed in the UK, Europe and Japan and has a truly progressive stage act delivering modern, hard-edged rock songs from the new CD as well as classics from previous albums.

David Cross

A pioneer of rock violin and former member of the groundbreaking ‘Larks’ Tongues in Aspic’ incarnation of King Crimson, David Cross accepts no limits on the range and power of his instrument or his music. He has performed in Europe, USA and Japan and has an extensive catalogue of albums (5 releases in the last year).

Jinian Wilde

A studio musician, composer and singer with extraordinary strength and range, Jinian Wilde also plays guitar with the band. He has collaborated with Uniting Nations and Daz Sampson.

Mick Paul

Six string bassist Mick Paul forms half of the thundering DCB rhythm section and is a performer of great strength and subtlety. He is a significant composer and producer for the band and has played with David Hasselhof and Eric Martin (Mr Big).

Steve Roberts

Complementing Mick Paul in the rhythm section is the accomplished and respected Steve Roberts. Steve’s name is well known in progressive rock fields having recorded and toured with The Tangent across the UK, Europe and the USA. Previously, Steve worked with Magenta for five years, touring and releasing two live albums with them and he was also the drummer for Godsticks for five years, again, touring, writing and releasing three albums and an EP with them. In 2005, Steve had the privilege of playing with Keith Emerson, recording a live album with a UK ELP tribute band featuring Keith guesting.



With the overwhelmingly positive response to the release of the band’s first album ‘Red Mars’ and subsequent live shows, the band are working hard on the next release in the trilogy ‘Green Mars’, with a smattering of single track releases leading up to the event.

The second album will be a double length feature, with a multitude of stylistic evolutions from ‘Red’. With the band lineup firmly settled in the three vocalist form this will be much more of a feature in ‘Green Mars’ as will become obvious with the first single release ‘The Spinner’ in late 2019.
With that said there are still plenty of instrumental sections, the double length album giving plenty of opportunities for the ebb and flow of the many moods and themes set in Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel of the same name.
Jubilant in moments of descovery, Despairing in moments of loss, Confusion and Mysticism in equal measure as songwriter Mike Bridge follows the emotions, traditions and events throughout the novel, not so closely that you need to read the book to enjoy it, but with an affinity of emotions and desires that any listener may appreciate.

Hampshire based Progressive Rock group Viriditas formed in 2018. A collection of vibrant, dynamic and unpredictable songs form the debut album ‘Red Mars’. The album is based events from the book of the same name by author Kim Stanley Robinson.
The second double album in the trilogy ‘Green Mars’ is currently well underway and looking to be released in 2020.

Yes we are still looking for a keyboard player…

Viriditas is:
Mike Waters – Vocals
Julie Kvaerndrup – Vocals & Keyboards
David Stanton – Guitars
Thomas Williams – Guitars
John Wills – Drums
Mike Bridge – Bass

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