Upcoming Events

  • System 7 // Mirror System

    Powered by Eventbrite System 7 // Mirror System System 7 take their audience on a journey, stretching dance music to the limits with astounding depth and richness to their sound. Mirror System is their chill-out and more downtempo sister project. At Southampton 1865 on August 24th they will be performing a special long 2hr set […]

    2019 S7
  • POSTPONED- Eat Static; Hedflux; Keepers Brew; Re:Creation; E:Clipse Music

    Postponed; awaiting confirmation of a new date. Celebrating 30 year of Static! This is one night not to miss, not only do we have the living legend that is Eat Static, providing his unique blend of Psychedelic techno and trance. We are also a full lineup of world class psychedelic artists. Including the incredible Hedflux, […]

    2019 Eat Static